Wearable ECG devices based on Smart textiles

New device for the diagnosis of cardiac signals (ECG) through the use of smart textiles

The objective of the project was the development of a monitor / recorder of the ECG signal with medical specifications, using textile electrodes that are part of a shirt (wearable). Different versions of the device were developed, to record 1 or 5 ECG signals. The device acquired the ECG signals, stored them in memory and sent them, via Bluetooth, to a PC. The device was powered by a rechargeable battery, and may be without recharging up to 7 days, depending on the mode of use. The circuit complied with EU specifications to obtain CE approval. Within the framework of the same project, an automatic cardiac arrhythmia detection system based on the Minnesota code was developed

Hardware for recording 1 and 5 ECG channels with the following characteristics:

  • Detection of electrodes
  • Programmable acquisition frequency: 500-1000 samples per second
  • Right-leg circuit
  • Simultaneous acquisition of all signals
  • Internal memory
  • SD memory, for mass storage of data
  • External USB for fast data transmission
  • Communication via Bluetooth
  • Rechargeable battery

Software (for PC) for automatic diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmias (based on the Minnesota code)

  • Working Team: Alberto Hernández Ferrer Francisco Javier Saiz Rodríguez Rafael Rodríguez de Sanabria Gil Julio Gomis-Tena Dolz Francisco Javier Garcia Casado José María Ferrero De Loma-Osorio Jaime Guixeres Provinciale
  • Duration: 6 months + 3 months
  • Financing entity: NUUBO
  • Collaborations: NUUBO