Research, design and development of a transthoracic pacemaker

The objective of the project was the design, development and validation of a transthoracic pacemaker, to be used in the hospital environment. The system applied to the patient the current needed to stimulate his heart, synchronized with the patient’s own heartbeat and, only if the device detected that the heart rate was below the programmed threshold. The system has an analysis software that allowed it to know if the heartbeat was due to the natural functioning of the heart or the defibrillation pulse

Device designed and implemented according to the specifications.

Pre-commercial system.

Cardiac signal analysis software

  • Working Team: Francisco Javier Saiz Rodríguez Julio Gomis-Tena Dolz José María Ferrero De Loma-Osorio
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Financing entity: Osatu (Bexen Cardio)
  • Collaborations: Bexen Cardio